Video Conferencing

In today's dynamic business environment, effective communication is paramount, transcending physical boundaries. Our comprehensive video conferencing solutions empower your organization with seamless collaboration, irrespective of geographical locations. With an array of options and cutting-edge Logitech hardware, we specialize in transforming any space into a state-of-the-art video conferencing hub, compatible with leading platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms revolutionize video conferencing by providing a seamless and immersive collaboration experience. Designed for organizations of all sizes, Zoom Rooms combine cutting-edge technology and intuitive software to create efficient and productive meeting spaces. With Zoom Rooms, users can easily schedule, join, and manage video conferences with just a few clicks. These dedicated spaces are equipped with high-quality audio and video equipment, including cameras, microphones, and displays, ensuring crystal-clear communication and seamless interactions. The benefits of Zoom Rooms are vast, including increased meeting efficiency, reduced travel costs, enhanced remote collaboration, and improved participant engagement. The intuitive interface and integrated features enable effortless content sharing, screen collaboration, and real-time annotation, empowering teams to collaborate effectively regardless of their physical locations. Zoom Rooms provide a versatile and scalable solution, enabling organizations to configure custom setups tailored to their unique needs, whether it's a small huddle room, a large conference room, or an executive boardroom. With Zoom Rooms, organizations can unlock the full potential of video conferencing, driving productivity, fostering collaboration, and achieving remarkable outcomes.

A solution for every space

We understand that every organization has diverse meeting spaces, ranging from intimate huddle rooms to expansive boardrooms and educational classrooms. That's why we offer Zoom Room designs that cater to any room size and layout. Our expert team specializes in creating tailored Zoom Room solutions to maximize the potential of your unique spaces. Whether you require a compact and collaborative huddle room setup, a small conference room configuration for team meetings, or a sophisticated boardroom with advanced audiovisual integration, we have you covered. Additionally, we extend our expertise to educational institutions, ensuring optimal Zoom Room designs for classrooms, lecture halls, and training facilities. With our versatile approach, we transform any space into a seamlessly connected and highly functional Zoom Room, enabling effortless collaboration, engaging presentations, and efficient communication, regardless of your room size or purpose.

1-6 participants
55" TV
Logitech Rally Bar Huddle
Logitech Room Controller & Scheduler
5-12 participants
65" TV
Logitech Rally Bar
Logitech Room Controller & Scheduler
Logitech Microphone Extention
10-25 participants
85" TV
Logitech Rally Camera
Logitech Room Controller & Scheduler
Built-in ceiling microphones


Introducing Logitech's Rally Bar, an exceptional all-in-one video conferencing solution meticulously crafted to elevate your virtual meetings. With its sleek design and advanced features, the Rally Bar harmonizes top-tier audio and video capabilities within a compact device, ensuring unparalleled communication quality and an intuitive user experience. Our seasoned experts are adept at integrating the Rally Bar seamlessly into your existing infrastructure or building a brand-new video conferencing environment tailored to your requirements.

To optimize control and functionality during your video conferencing sessions, we offer Logitech controllers and schedulers. These user-friendly devices streamline meeting management, allowing effortless navigation through presentations, easy adjustments of settings, and seamless transitions between participants. With Logitech controllers and schedulers at your disposal, your team can focus on productive collaboration without technical distractions.

Our team of skilled professionals excels in configuring and optimizing video conferencing solutions for a multitude of platforms. Whether your organization relies on Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, or other industry-leading software, we possess the expertise to tailor the setup to your specific needs. Understanding the nuances and unique requirements of each platform, we ensure flawless integration, enabling you to unlock the full potential of your chosen video conferencing software.