Cybersecurity Awareness Training

How does a secure, offline military facility get hacked? An employee found a malicious USB drive in the parking lot and, our of curiosity, plugged it into a computer.

How did the credit reporting agency, Equifax, get breached, leaking the social security numbers of millions of Americans? An employee engaged with a phishing email.

Cybercriminals don't need sophisticated tools to get into a company's network anymore, they just need to trick an employee into clicking on a link in an email or downloading an attachment. While investing in cybersecurity infrastructure, such as firewalls, antivirus software, log aggregation, etc. is common, investing in employee training is only now starting to take off.

We offer guided trainings, phishing simulation emails, and refreshers where staff are trained in and reminded of best practices.

Learning Resources

White Papaers

These free PDF white papers are great learning resources for you and your team.

Phishing Prevention